Smart management

Browsing, managing and sending
Support all file operations
Smart and considerate

Superfast sharing

Wireless, fast and multi-way
File sharing via over 10 methods in seconds
Faster than you think

Exclusive Safebox

Safe, reliable and private
Store video, photo, Apps and all files
Your exclusively private space


GCloud, customized Cloud service for File Expert, backup all your files and Apps easily. No matter where you are, backup and restore are available.

Enter GCloud

Resource Sharing

File Expert connects all possible devices anytime and anywhere you want. Two-way transmission via FTP, Bluetooth, Wifi, Wifi-Direct…

Cloud Integration

Users can access sought-after Clouds within File Expert. Log in File Expert and all your files can be shared between local and Cloud.

Recycle Bin

Rewind the clock and recover all deleted files. Manage your phone like a Windows PC.